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Get Your Engine Ready: NASCAR Sports Gambling May Be Coming Soon

“Gentlemen, start your engines!” The famous words spoken at every NASCAR race. If you love the sport and have a knack for gambling, we could be getting closer to your chance to cash on in.

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t love to make a couple bucks on a sporting event. Even if it were never to be legalized, you would still have the group from work that tosses a couple bucks on the table to say their favorite driver wins. It happens and will always happen.

People love the idea of being able to commit to something. In addition, they like the bragging rights that comes along with being correct.

Due to the new societal views on gambling, laws and states have started to loosen that constricting belt just a bit and change their stance on betting as a taboo topic.

NASCAR is one of the newest in the industry who wants to cash in on the gambling sector and they are ready to take charge too.

It is no surprise that the more people you allow to bet on the sport, the more enjoyment the fans get out of it, and the more VIEWERS the sport gets too. Think about it for a moment. Sports betting can help bring millions of new viewers to watch a NASCAR race on a Sunday afternoon.

So, What is NASCARs Stance on it All?

NASCAR executive Steve O’Donnell said, “I wanted to go all in on gambling last year (2018).”

The biggest obstacle to making sure the sports bets happened was NASCAR itself. The company decided to take a step back and analyze their playing field before they implement any type of gambling guidelines.

One of the steps they have taken to help protect sports bettors is in the gambling rule book, they have banned drivers and team members from being able to bet on races or disclosing any type of information that would be considered confidential or sway a bet.

NASCAR did recently team up with Sportrader Integrity Services to create a complex and comprehensive policy for gambling to help protect the sport from any cheating scandals.

O’Donnell stated, “We have so many people that are linked to the cars. I think the integrity is a big piece to it.”

Get Ready to Place Your Bets!

This is an exciting time to be a gambler and a NASCAR fan. The optimism for NASCAR sports betting is up there and the excitement is rising across the board.

Prior to just recently, Nevada had a large monopoly on the sports betting ring, but that monopoly ended in 2018, which now allows other states to accept wagers on sports. It is projected that many other states will jump on board.

Soon, NASCAR could be accepting sports bets on the races and what a wonderful time to do it too. Not only will this help encourage fans, it will help grow their fan base as well.


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