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Proposed Bill Would Legalize Sports Betting in Washington State’s Casinos: What You Need to Know

If you live in Washington, it is time to get excited and get ready to support your local state legislators. A bill was introduced in 2019 that could make placing sports bets legal in the state. Yes, you read that correctly. Soon, sports betting could be legalized in Washington, even after it has been illegal for so many years.

The bill is called House Bill 1975 and it comes sponsored by Democratic Majority Caucus Chair Eric Pettigrew along with seven other members. The bill specifically calls for sports betting in all college and professional sports to be legalized within all tribal gaming facilities, which means casinos.

In addition, the bill is calling for sports betting to be legalized online within those tribal gaming facilities. This would be a HUGE shift for the entire state along with those who consider themselves avid sports bettors.

If this bill were to pass, it would be the entry-way for other sports gambling to be legalized throughout the state. While they do not expect negotiations with the tribal gaming centers to be finalized for at leas ta year or two, this is a step in the right direction and something to be excited about.

What Caused the Bill?

The bill was introduced after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal law that only allowed Nevada to participate in sports gambling. Since the law was struck down, many other states have jumped on board and have had great success with allow sports gambling.

Whether states like it or not, individuals are participating in sports gambling illegally. In fact, it is estimated that $150 billion was wagered out in a year’s time alone in illegal sports betting.

States such as New Mexico, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Delaware, and West Virginia are now all legalized sports betting states.

Out of all 50 states, only 11 have not introduced some type of bill to allow the legalization of the practice.

Mobile Sports Betting

While sports betting could take place in Washington casinos and it has in several other states successfully, there is a giant push for mobile sports betting; however, many states are reluctant to pass a law due to underage gambling.

Despite the under-age gambling, mobile sports betting would be paramount in adding more revenue to states since anyone can participate, anywhere. There is a HUGE market for it, and you could participate in a bet virtually across the country.

Sports Betting is Making Great Strides

Just as Washington entered a bill, many other states are starting to follow suit. Not only do the states benefit from sports betting, but individuals are finding that they get more involved in the sports and enjoy it.

It appears that sports betting is taking a turn for the best and will continue to be passed in many states. Get out your playbooks, learn the teams, and get ready to make some bets and pack cash into your pocket soon!


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