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Sports Betting: It’s a Thrill – Let the People Enjoy It

Why not give people what they want? The consensus is that most Americans want sports betting to be legalized.

There are several reasons why people enjoy sports betting. It gives them a thrill and they get a rush every time their favorite player makes a touchdown, or they get excited as their wager comes to fruition. In addition, it is fun, and it adds to the game.

For ages, people have been wagering on sports even though it has been illegal. Think about it. Individuals make bets on their fantasy football leagues and they make proposition bets on the largest NFL games in history.

Betting on sports helps take the game to a whole new level and MORE people get involved too. In fact, you often see people who do not even watch sports religiously jump in and get excited that they can make a bet and possibly win money.

Being able to bet on a sport helps increase the challenge and it makes the entire thing much more exciting for everyone involved. It helps you feel like you are immersed in the game yourself.

What States Plan to Legalize It?

Not too long ago, if someone wanted to bet on a sport, they needed to go to Vegas or somewhere in Nevada. NV had the monopoly share of sports betting, but this has changed. They no longer monopolize the sports betting industry, and this has opened the doors for many others.

Delaware was the first state to make the act of sports betting legal. Other states have followed suit such as New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, Connecticut, and New York.

Now that we are in 2019, there are several predictions for what states may be next up to legalize sports betting. Michigan and Illinois are two of the most hopeful states and have both showed interest in passing bills to make it happen.

Other states such as Massachusetts, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Maryland are predicted to hop on board in 2019 and work towards legalizing sports betting.

Sports Betting Increases Revenue for States

Sports betting has been shown to increase tax revenue for states and legalizing betting in each state could dramatically increase the revenue that is seen.

The American Gaming Association released reports that roughly $150 billion is wagered illegally on sports each year alone. This money would be going into the states’ pockets if it were legalized.

When looking at the numbers, in Nevada, sports betting revenue made up 2.2% of all casino revenue that the casino took in within a year’s time. In addition, the total gambling revenue netted about $15 million in state taxes alone in Nevada.

Sports Gambling and Betting Could Be a Reality Soon

With so much potential and so many supporters, it is unheard of as to why sports betting is not yet legalized. As more states start to adopt a positive outlook on it and see how much revenue can be made, they may start to jump on board. 2019 will be a good year for sports betting!


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